New TV Ad on Ethanol’s Impact on Gas Prices

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Check out this new television ad from the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association which shows that without ethanol, gasoline prices would be about 90 cents more per gallon.

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WBIA staffer Cara McCarthy on ethanol

Cara McCarthy on ethanol

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An open letter to Congressman Sensenbrenner

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Dear Congressman Sensenbrenner:

As Wisconsin ethanol producers, we represent an industry that has created hundreds of jobs and generated more than a billion dollars in economic activity in the state.

Continued growth for homegrown, domestic energy supplies relies on market access for the fuel we produce.  For producers, E15 means market access.  For consumers, E15 means the option to choose a more affordable and clean-burning fuel.  We respectfully submit that your opinion editorial in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel last week overlooked key facts about E15.

Small engine owners and motorists are not required to use E15 as a result of the EPA’s approval of this new fuel.  To the contrary, we’ve advocated for – and the EPA is allowing – the continued availability of E10 blends (which are approved for use in all small engines) and fuel containing no ethanol whatsoever.  What’s more, the EPA has gone out of its way to require a label at gas stations offering E15, which makes it clear the fuel is not approved for small and non-road engines.  Therefore, it is dangerous to rely on anecdotal spook stories about what E15 might do to engines.  The EPA has already prohibited E15 use in small engines, and the scientific data the organization relied on to approve E15 for motor vehicles is sound.

Opening more fuel markets to a greater percentage of this homegrown fuel will help power future generations of rural success.  We want to give the public a chance to decide whether they want to help keep fuel proceeds at home instead of sending them overseas.

We believe consumers deserve to have choices at the pump.  Furthermore, Congressman Sensenbrenner, our industry has worked in good faith, unlike the oil industry, to reform the current government support that the industry receives by sacrificing over 1 billion dollars toward deficit reduction.  In this time of fiscal belt-tightening in Washington D.C., we are one of the few industries working with lawmakers on a sensible reform.  Please consider the advantages ethanol provides the nation and the state you represent, and the value of supporting consumer fuel choice at the pump.


Joshua Morby
Executive Director
Wisconsin Bio Industry Alliance

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