UW-Platteville Students to Compete with Ethanol Powered Snowmobile

Categories: Bio Fuels,Education

Every year the WBIA sponsors a team of students from UW-Platteville to participate in an engineering-design competition called the Clean Snowmobile Challenge.  Their task is to redesign an existing snowmobile to reduce emissions and noise.  An important part of this redesign is converting the snowmobile to run on ethanol blends.  Their modified snowmobile competes in a variety of competitions including emissions, noise, fuel economy/endurance, acceleration, handling, static display, cold start and design.

Their team captain, Ryan Kubat, recently shared with us this update:

We have been extremely busy working on the sled and finishing up the design paper and our suggested manufactured retail price (MSRP). I have attached the design paper for this year if you would like to read through it or pass it along to anyone else on the board. Our final MSRP cost for our snowmobile came to $14,823.24 this year!

We have just over one week before we head up to our competition and are just wrapping up some fine tuning and even looking at possibilities for next year already! The whole team has been investing a great deal of time over the past weeks to help get our paper finalized and to get the sled ready to go. We are all excited and looking forward to competition. The following email is where the schedule of events can be seen at:


To download their design sheet, please click here.

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