About Us

The Wisconsin Bio Industry Alliance is a nonprofit corporation that supports the development of bio based renewable energy and power in Wisconsin. By bringing the appropriate players to the table, the organization will grow the bio economy in Wisconsin, concentrating on a specific series of campaigns targeted at the most fertile opportunities in Wisconsin.


Our mission as a nonprofit corporation is to support and grow production, consumption and innovation of bio-based renewable fuels and their co-products in Wisconsin through education and outreach efforts.


Our vision is to help Wisconsin be the nation’s leader among states to improve the efficiency, conservation and profitability of bio fuel production in Wisconsin through continuous improvement driven by collaboration, leadership and innovation.

Goals and Objectives:

- Promoting and advocating on behalf of bio based renewable fuel and power, with a focus on Wisconsin-based industry.

- Breaking down walls between and creating alignment among organizations that share a similar vision for bio based renewable energy and power.


- Government Relations

- Education

- Collaboration