- ACTION ALERT – Tell Congress to protect the RFS

On behalf of the Wisconsin Bio Industry Alliance, Wisconsin’s ethanol producers, Wisconsin’s corn growers, and most importantly, everyday Wisconsin consumers we need YOU to tell your representatives to defend the Renewable Fuel Standard.

The same bill that failed to pass in the House when introduced in 2013 has once again been brought up by Republican Representatives Bob Goodlatte of Virginia and Steve Womack of Arkansas and Democrats Peter Welch of Vermont and Jim Costa of California.

This second attempt to introduce a bill that would reform the Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS) program in the United States, targeting an end to ethanol fuel-blending mandates, comes on the heels of a similar, and also failed, attempt in the Senate.

“The lawmakers said the bill would eliminate requirements for corn-based ethanol blending and cap blending levels for other biofuels at actual production levels. They hope the latest move will garner support now after months of disputes over how much biofuel should be blended with oil-based fuels and growing concerns that the program drives up agriculture and food costs.”
- New York Times

Despite the fact that ethanol doesn’t impact food prices nearly as much as petroleum does or that the RFS is the single most important policy driver of innovative technologies in the biofuels sector, these lawmakers still want to hobble American consumers with Big Oil’s greed.

Help us send a message to Washington that American consumers deserve a choice at the pump.

You can tweet this message, call your congressman, or send a note to your congressman.

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