Auto Industry Relying on Incomplete Research in Fight Against E15

In the debate over raising the ethanol blend wall, the auto industry has come out against E15 (a blend of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline), citing research that claims higher blends will damage car engines.  This study, however, is incomplete and cannot be regarded as fact.

The report, published by the Coordinating Research Council (CRC), was due to test 16 engines manufactured between 2001 and 2009, but has only conducted testing on half thus far.  In fact, testing has only been completed for four engines.

It is troublesome that the auto industry is drawing conclusions from a study that is nowhere near finished when other third party research, and even the EPA, has suggested that E15 is safe for recent engine models.

CEO of Growth Energy, Tom Buis, said, “The EPA has told us in writing that they intend to complete their testing on E15 before making a decision, and we are confident they will.”

Why hasn’t the auto industry done the same?

Buis added, “We are also confident that the testing will show what we already know: that E15 can run just fine in today’s modern engines, all while creating good paying jobs here in America.”

For more details about the situation, check out this story at BrighterEnergy.org.

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