BBI Distillers Grain Conference

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Submissions of abstracts are now being accepted for papers to be featured at the International Distillers Grain conference this October.  Papers on world & U.S. grain supply and demand, World & U.S. oilseed (protein meals) supply and demand, U.S. Ethanol, DDGS and energy outlook and related U.S. government policy review, DDGS export market outlook for 2008/09, U.S. export freight cost analysis and outlook, global energy and economic outlook, fractionated DDGS products and DDGS Nutrition are due July 11.

DDGS are active proof that the food vs. fuel debate is a false construct.  Even if you don’t have a paper to submit, join the BBI at the Indianapolis Downtown Marriott to learn more about the process that turns corn into both food and fuel.

For more information or to register to visit go to distillersgrainconference.com

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