Biodiesel Basics #23: Biodiesel Works to Build American Economy

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In light of these difficult economic times, biodiesel, a renewable fuel which is made right here in Wisconsin, can play a vital role in building up our economy. Here are some facts from a September 2006 LECG, Inc study:

  • $13.6 billion – The amount that will be put into the American economy instead of overseas because biodiesel is domestically produced and sold, eliminating the need to import petroleum from other parts of the world.

  • 319,000 jobs – Construction of biodiesel plants employs people in all fields, from architects to pipefitters, providing important jobs in our state. Predictions indicate that 319,000 new jobs will be created by 2015 because of the biodiesel industry.

  • $810 million – The amount spent in 2006 to build production facilities in the United States, providing jobs to people in a number of fields.
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