Biodiesel Basics #35: Manitowoc Facility Produces Biodiesel from Pig Fat

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A Wisconsin couple has formed their own business selling biodiesel made from pig fat on a 3-acre facility in Manitowoc. Here are some facts:

  • Dan Kaderabek and his wife Tracy started Bio-Blend Fuels in 2005. They create biodiesel from grease that falls off pork during the production of pre-cooked bacon.
  • Dan has a patent pending on a dispensing system he’s created that gives customers the biodiesel blend they prefer.
  • The Kaderabek’s currently sell B99 – a blend of 99% biodiesel and 1% conventional diesel – for around $2 per gallon, approximately 30 cents less than the national average for diesel.
  • Sanimax, which operates the state’s largest biodiesel facility in De Forest, produces 20 million gallons of fuel per year from a number of feedstocks, including animal fats.
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