Biodiesel Basics #43: Biodiesel Allows for Food and Fuel

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Rising food prices have become a growing concern for many Americans. While some blame biofuels for the spike in prices, making biodiesel from soybeans actually has a positive impact on the food supply. Here are a few facts:

  • Processing soybeans for biodiesel uses only the oil, leaving 80 percent of the bean for soybean meal. This means that when demand increases for soybean oil for biodiesel, the supply of soybean meal actually increases.
  • In 2007, U.S. soybean farmers used less than 12 percent of the nation’s soybean harvest, and 81% of each soybean still went into protein markets to feed livestock and people. [source: http://biodieselsustainability.com/faq.html, accessed 7/15/09]
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