Biodiesel Basics #26: Vehicle Emissions Improved by Biodiesel

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Biodiesel, a renewable fuel made right here in Wisconsin, provides a number of environmental benefits when used instead of conventional diesel.

According to the Southwest Research Institute, which provided a detailed analysis of biodiesel emissions for the US Congress, here are some of the statistics on how biodiesel improves vehicle emissions:

  • Exhaust emissions of particulate matter, a recognized factor in respiratory diesease, is reduced by 30% when using biodiesel compared to petroleum diesel.
  • Emissions of carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas and contributing factor in formationof smog, is reduced by 50% when using biodiesel.
  • Hyrdocarbons in exhaust emissions are 95% lower when using biodiesel.
  • Sulfur oxides and sulfates, which are major components of acid rain, are completely eliminated when using biodiesel.
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