Fueling Cars with Beer

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An interesting article in the Denver Post about how the Democratic National Convention is fueling the vehicles with beer ethanol. Interesting idea… Enjoy the story!

Molson Coors Brewing Co. will donate thousands of gallons of beer-waste ethanol to help power the fleet vehicles to be used at the Democratic National Convention in August. Coors, which has made an overall cash and in-kind commitment of $1 million to the host committee, is purchasing the ethanol from Merrick & Co., which owns and operates an ethanol plant on land it leases from Coors. Molson Coors also will provide beer for some host-committee events during the convention.

“We’re really pleased to be able to be part of the greening effort of this convention,” said Al Timothy, Coors vice president of public affairs. The General Motors fleet includes vehicles with biofuel capabilities and hybrid technology. The vehicles will be powered with fuel mixed with ethanol.

Details such as where the vehicles will be filled and how much ethanol will be donated have not been finalized. Timothy estimates the ethanol donation is worth up to $40,000. Coors, which started converting waste beer to ethanol in 1996, generates about 3 million gallons of waste ethanol annually. Waste beer is beer that is lost during packaging or deemed below quality standards. Under a 15-year agreement crafted in 2005, Aurora-based Merrick leases land from Coors, buys the residuals from the brewer and makes the ethanol at a plant next to Coors brewery in Golden.

Found at: http://www.denverpost.com/headlines/ci_9338758

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