Investment in renewable energy keeps on rising

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$100 billion dollars was invested in renewable energy sources last year, according to a UN report.  The symbolic milestone underscored the point that renewable energy is increasingly being sought not just for its positive environmental impact, but for its efficiency and business potential as well.  Eric Usher, head of the UN’s Energy Finance Unit, called he report proof that renewable energy “is now a mainstream commercial interest to investors and bankers alike.”

Here in the United States, renewable fuels, like ethanol, which is almost a dollar cheaper per gallon than gasoline, are proving their commercial value by helping to keep the price of gasoline from soaring even higher.  It’s a shame that lawmakers are trying to undermine them just as they begin to show their value.

The UN report can be found at: http://www.unep.org/pdf/SEFI_report-GlobalTrendsInSustainableEnergyInverstment07.pdf

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