Rep. Sensenbrenner takes aim at E15 (again)

The water cooler conversation these days around gas is centered mostly on prices dipping below $2 a gallon.

While that’s the case, the ethanol industry both here in Wisconsin as well as across the country is still focused on opening up new markets for ethanol with the sale of E15.

As these efforts continue to move forward in Wisconsin, our favorite congressman from West Bend Jim Sensenbrenner continues his antics as the world’s biggest ethanol hater.

His most recent move was to once again introduce a ridiculous piece of legislation that would mandate completely unnecessary testing for E15.

Ethanol has become Congressman Sensenbrenner’s “white whale” and at this point it’s getting silly. This bill has been repeatedly introduced over the past four years and does nothing more than get headlines and give him something to complain about.

Take a look at this infographic the Renewable Fuels Association put together for their E15 campaign in Illinois that breaks down E15′s proven reliability.

RFA_Chicago Legal Size V5-page-001

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