URGENT : Contact Your Representative to Vote No on the Goodlatte Amendment

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Rep. Goodlatte (R-VA) has filed an amendment to the Ag appropriations bill that would prohibit USDA funds for blender pumps.  The text and some counterpoints are below.

The amendment could come up for consideration as early as this evening.  We would greatly appreciate your assistance contacting your representative in the House to oppose the Goodlatte blender pump amendment.



*       This amendment is absolutely unnecessary.

*       The 2014 Farm Bill already includes the prohibition Rep. Goodlatte seeks to add.

*       This amendment seeks to prohibit what is already illegal, and we don’t need to prohibit something that the authorizing committee already prohibits.

*       Rep. Goodlatte will use this vote as a justification of his other efforts to either gut or repeal the Renewable Fuel Standard.

*       A debate on the merits of the RFS belongs in regular order process in the Energy and Commerce Committee, not the Appropriations process.



At the end of the bill insert the following new section:

1 SEC. ll. None of the funds made available by this

2 Act may be used to construct, fund, install, or operate an

3 ethanol blender pump or to pay the salaries and expenses

4 of personnel of the Department of Agriculture to award

5 a grant for the installation of an ethanol blender pump.


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