Vote Expected Today!


The Wisconsin State Senate is expected to vote today on the Wisconsin RFS bill.  The RFS is the result of negotiations between the bio industry, oil industry, federal government, state interests, environmentalists, agriculture and consumers over the best way to encourage a greater contribution from the renewable fuel industry to our state's energy needs. The increased use of renewable fuels will expand U.S. fuel supplies and position Wisconsin as a leader in easing the overburdened refining industry. As bio fuels are blended with regular gasoline and diesel after the refining process, they directly increase domestic fuel capacity. While no new oil refineries have been built in the U.S. since 1976, more than 100 bio fuel production facilities including 6 ethanol and 1 large bio diesel plant have been built during this time, adding critical volume to the automotive market. This is not a mandate. This is legislation encourages the use of a broad spectrum of renewable fuels including both bio diesel and cellulosic ethanol. This is not a mandate. It gives small gas station owners a choice on what type of renewable fuel they sell and how they sell it. This is not a mandate. It gives the consumer a choice of what type of fuel to buy and gives them the option to be able to purchase bio based renewable fuels which are produced right here in Wisconsin. 


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