Government Relations

The WBIA’s Executive Director Joshua Morby and his team of government relations specialists from both sides of the aisle have decades of experience both serving in and working for the state’s legislature and executive branches and numerous agencies across state government.

Strategic relationships at Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources, Department of Transportation, DATCP, Commerce and the Office of Energy Independence enable members to gain access to and get answers from the top policy makers and regulators in Wisconsin. Ongoing policy topics and discussion items include international DDGS distribution, grain handling, and logistical concerns regarding rails and roadways as well as regulatory concerns and issues surrounding clean water and air issues, permitting and regulation.

Corn Check Off

In late 2007, the Wisconsin Bio Industry Alliance helped pass one of the most influential bills used to promote the bio fuel industry in Wisconsin. The bill increased the voluntary assessment on corn sold commercially from one-tenth of a penny to one-half of a penny per bushel.

The vast majority of the corn check-off funds are used annually for direct ethanol promotion. Wisconsin corn growers remain a strong supporter of the industry and partner of the WBIA.

The corn checkoff dollars have also been used for a number of other ethanol promotion efforts, including the creation of free E85 station maps, the donation of a flex-fuel Chevy Tahoe to be used by Alice in Dairyland, and ethanol booths at a number of events across Wisconsin.

In 2012, The Wisconsin corn checkoff is funding projects with University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers investigating corn seed treatments, the sustainability of atrazine and production of renewable chemicals from ethanol plants this year.